Outsourced Income Yield Estimation Services

Know the estimated income you are likely to generate on an investment.

Want to calculate the estimated rate of return on investment without rolling up your sleeves and spending sleepless nights?  We are here to help. Just share your requirements and the investment you’re about to make and leave the rest to us.

With our income yield estimation services, you’ll get:

Pragmatic Estimates

Driven by data and backed by insights. Learn how much you’ll make.


When yields grow too high, you’ll need an expert’s advice to know what’s really happening.

Yields on Different Types of Investments

Yields on mutual funds, real estate, stocks, or bonds. We do it all with precision.

Yield is an important metric in finance because it measures the return on an investment over a period. It tells you how much income an investor or company earns every year relative to the initial cost or market value of its investment. If you’re in a finance or management role, calculating yield can help you make better financial decisions and evaluate whether investing in a company is a good idea.

Why opt for LBC’s income yield estimation services?