Financial Statement Analysis Services

Learn about your company’s financial health – minus the hassle.

It is vital for SMB owners to understand whether their company is on the right track with cash flow or not. Our thorough financial analysis gives you a clear picture of your company’s current performance while examining past financial statements to identify errors in reporting and red flags.

Adhering to all the local and international regulations and standards, we help you with:

Comprehensive Financial Statement Analysis

This includes horizontal, vertical, and ratio analysis

Analysis of Profit & Loss

Are you making profits or incurring losses? Uncover the secrets and get a clear picture.

Analysis of Assets & Liabilities

Unveiling the secrets hidden in your balance sheet to make you realize where you stand.

Strategic Financial Modeling & Planning

Covering all your needs from analysis of payables and receivables to investment analysis.

Why opt for LBC’s financial statement analysis services?